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SDHS football team low on numbers, high on expectations
By Kelly Bledsoe
For South Davidson High School football team, the 2016 season looks to be an exercise in patience and the ability to stay healthy.

Varsity coach Eric Tippett believes in the talent his Wildcat team has this season, he just wishes there was a little more of it to go around.

Coach Tippett took over last season, becoming the program’s fourth coach in five seasons, and admits the rebuild has been a little slow going. South has always been low in numbers and this year is no different.

“It’s been a challenge getting the numbers up, but we believe in the quality of players we have,” Tippett said. “There is still a need for both JV and varsity players and we welcome anyone interested in playing to come join us on the field.”

Tippett is determined to field a JV team for the betterment of the program. Practices are daily at 5:00pm and all interested player should join the team on the practice field or contact coach Tippett at 336-391-9527.

Tippett believes he has the talent to compete in the 2016 season, but currently the Wildcats are operating with just enough players to run a practice and many will have to play both ways. Injuries would definitely pose a problem for the team, therefore Coach Tippett is big on conditioning and has had his players diligently working out to handle the challenges of playing both offense and defense and staying healthy.

Tippett continues to embrace the South Davidson philosophy of educationally based athletics. He is focused on the task at hand and he encourages every athlete who wants to play to join him and the other Wildcat players this season.