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South Davidson swim team: The team that always shines as winners
Submitted by Coach Moore
Hunter Query started his high school swimming career with one goal in mind, “ I want to make it to state championship on my own!” Last Friday he met that goal with more to spare.  He can now say he made it to state’s in both swimming and track.  Hunter made the state championships in two events.  He was the seventh place finisher in the 50 freestyle and a eleventh place finisher in the 100 freestyle. At the end of the meet, he had to make a real life changing decision as to whether to swim or run track at State Championships, because both events are on the same day at different locations. With pain and maturity, he chose to run track, which he will be doing in college. I wish him well and know he will do his best to honor us by being the South Davidson athlete star that he has grown to be. GOOD LUCK! Oh, by the way, Hunter, AS THE ONE PERSON TEAM THAT HE WAS, placed 18th out of 40 plus teams at the regional meet.

The South Davidson women’s team showed that they also were not going to be held back from making their own statement. The Team of Helen Jenkins, Aneil Owens, Kayleigh Hunt, Amanda Snider, and Brianna DeRuoin swam relays that made many teams take notice.   They had qualified in the 400 free relay to get into regionals but had just missed making the 200 free relay by 1 second. But by some miracle and intervention at the swim meet, we were able to have the team make it in to the meet. The team of Helen Jenkins, Aneil Owens, Kayleigh Hunt and Amanda Snider got to swim the 200 free relay, being rated in 26th place.  But, these women where there to prove that they should have been there to begin with.  They dropped almost 10 seconds off their best time to come in with an 18th place finish. But they were not done… South Davidson was going to shine as one of the best. The team of Brianna DeRouin, Helen Jenkins, Aneil Owens and Kayleigh Hunt swam an amazing race, dropping almost 19 seconds off their best time, to come in at 14th place. IT WAS AMAZING!
Helen Jenkins had a big individual meet as well. She swam the 200 freestyle in the best time of her career, dropping almost 5 seconds, to move up into 17th place. 
Then she had the crowd and coaches amazed in her 500 freestyle race when out of nowhere, she swam her heart out dropping 21.39 seconds to take 15th place.

This was an amazing and blessed performance by this team. South women placed 24th out of 40 plus teams.