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Denton Swim Club to host county meet
By Kelly Bledsoe
The Denton Swim Club has been hard at work making preparations for the 2014 Davidson County Championship Swim Meet. The event is scheduled for Friday and Saturday and will feature 400 swimmers from eight different swim clubs each vying for first place honors. The two-day meet will bring over 1500 visitors into the Denton community.

The Denton pool is the largest pool in the county and has stepped up to help other swim clubs co-host the annual event. Each swim club is scheduled to host the event on an eight- year rotation; however inadvertent circumstances have made it necessary for other swim clubs to co-host the event here in Denton for the last 2 years. Denton is slotted to solely host the event again in 2016.

The Denton swim team consists of 35 members, ages 5-18, who have been working extremely hard in anticipation of this weekends meet. The swimmers have been practicing for the last six weeks sometimes twice a day. Coach Angel Smith says, “The kids have really worked hard and have improved a lot. They are ready for all their hard work to pay off.” She also mentioned that for the first time in many years there are more “older swimmers” on the rosters. These older swimmers such as Hunter and Taylor Query, Haylie Moore and Zoe Matney set a great example for the younger swimmers to look up to. She further notes that many of the South Davidson High School swimmers are members of the summer league. Smith notes, “Swimming is such a great sport…it’s fun and a great way for all athletes to stay in prime physical condition over the summer months. It’s a team as well as individual sport.”

Angle has been coaching the Denton swim team for over twenty years. She enjoys working with the youth in the community and spends countless hours helping these young athletes. Another extremely dedicated coach is Chris Moore. Moore bring years of swimming experience to the team and has served as the head swim coach for South Davidson High School for the past several years.

Coach Moore is passionate about the Denton Swim Club. He notes, “This year has been a real community effort for the pool to open. The Denton community has a real gem of a pool that needs community memberships to keep it open.” He mentioned that the Denton Swim Club is one of the first original sport teams in Denton that has stood the test of time, and he encourages every member of the community to continue the effort to keep the pool open. By becoming a member of the pool you can help insure that the pool will be around for generations to come. Coach Moore would like to thank everyone who has helped to keep the pool in operation.
In addition to Coach Smith and Coach Moore several assistant coaches have really helped the team. These assistant coaches include: Caroline Smith, Christo Moore, Haylie Moore, Victoria Lowe, Hunter Query and Cassie Bebout.

The upcoming county meet is a great opportunity for you to visit the pool and see what all the excitement is about. The meet is free and open to the public. Events start Friday at 3:30 with swimmers ages 11 and up. Saturday’s competition begins at 9:00am for swimmers 10 and under. Refreshments are available.