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Card of Thanks!
The Boosters Club Says Thank You 
Thank You to our community for coming out to support the South Davidson Boosters Club BIG BINGO on Saturday, March 7th. We had a great crowd and the food was fantastic thanks to the guys from Chapel Hill United Methodist Church-Tim Miller, Mick Walton, Landon Russell, and Mike Russell. We were able to raise some good money and have fun in the process.

I would like to thank all the folks that helped make this a success. Our athletic director Ms. Lawren Cody and our Principal Mr. Mike Lawson are always there to lend a helping hand. They work hard to support the boosters club and we feel very lucky to have them. It is also refreshing to see members of our coaching staff come out to support the fundraiser, as it most directly impacts them. Ronnie Harrison is always there to volunteer his time and call the numbers. Mary Miller is a cafeteria staff member and helps us out during the evening. She is a big help in getting things organized, flowing good and cleaned up afterwards. Members on hand to help were, Gary Gallimore, Tim Bean, Amy and Barry Medlin, Cheri McCullough, Tonia Benton, Bill Heffner, Anne Bean and Jessica and Chris Simpson. Without the help of each and every one of these folks, this fundraiser would not have been a success.

Our next event is our Golf Tournament on May 9th at Winding Creek Golf Course. For info call the High School @336-242-5700 or Jamie Benton 336-247-2192.

Jamie Benton
Boosters President