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Briggs honored at Town Council
Last week Jack Briggs presented the Denton Town Commissioners a $2500 donation to be shared between the Town of Denton and Fire and Police Departments. Briggs bestowed this donation to the fire and police department in appreciation for their quick response when sixteen months ago he suffered a life threatening medical emergency at Rex furniture Store. The Denton Police and Fire departments responded quickly, while Brantley Grubb, an employee and volunteer fireman, administered CPR while Police Chief Mark Hicks and firefighter Jonathan Reid used the defibrillator to bring Mr. Briggs back. According to the 911 records, Chief Hicks responded in 14 seconds of receiving the call, with firefight Reid right behind. Some in the community question why a small town like Denton needs it’s own police and fire department…examples such as this are exactly the reason why. Mr. Briggs family was in attendance as he made this

Fire Chief Brandon Dorsett and Police Chief Mark Hicks graciously accepted the donation and will use the fund for improvements in both departments.
In addition to making the donation Jack Briggs was recognized by the Town of Denton for his hard work and dedication in becoming a successful businessman and for his civic leadership, generosity in supporting numerous public and charitable projects benefitting the people of Denton and South Davidson community. Jack, with his family in attendance, was proudly recognized by the Denton Board of Commissioners and Mayor Larry Ward who presented him with a plaque.