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What Are Your Questions for Election

We want to know what you would ask candidates for Denton Town Council prior to the November elections.
The Orator will be querying the candidates vying for the Denton Town Council positions as the November 3 election nears.
We’ll be gathering biographical information and presenting questions to the candidates to help voters understand where they stand on the issues important to Denton.

We are asking for your help. What questions do you want us to ask the town council candidates?
Here’s the field for the November 3 municipal elections.

Town Council Candidates: Incumbents Barbara Hogan and Julie Loflin, will be facing candidates Ronnie Haneline, Kenny Small, David Askew and Scott Morris in the race for one of three Town of Denton Board of Commissioner seats. Commissioner Andy Morris decided not to run for re-election.
Commissioner terms are four-year terms.

If you have a question for these candidates, send them to us by Friday, September 25, at noon. Questions can be submitted ANONYMOUSLY via email, fax 336-895-9656, or mail to Denton Orator, PO Box 1546, Denton NC 27239. You may also drop off questions at our office located at 2 North Main Street. The most pertinent questions will be selected for presentation to the candidates.

As Election Day draws near, check back with The Orator as we present the answers to your questions. Questions and answers will be printed weekly throughout the month of October.

Only Denton residents are eligible for voting in this 2015 municipal election. Voter registration deadline is October 9, 2015 (25 days prior to the election). Those who are not registered to vote may visit the Davidson County Board of Elections at 945 N. Main Street, Suite A in Lexington. Early voting for municipal elections, board of elections and Thomasville Library begins October 22, 2015 and ends October 31, 2015.

For additional information on the upcoming election in Denton and other cities within the county, visit or call the Board of Elections office at 336-242-2190.